April 12, 2021 Announcements

A Message from the Principal – April 2021

Spring Has Sprung 

April is always an extremely busy time of year throughout the building as there is an increase in the amount of testing at the end of the month into May and students and staff begin to make the final push during the fourth quarter to promote advancements in achievement. At the end of the month of April (and into May), students in third through fifth grade will participate in the Iowa Statewide Assessments of Student Progress (ISASP). In addition to the ISASP assessments, students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade will also participate in the Fastbridge Reading and Math assessments. All of these assessments enable us to determine the progress that students throughout the building are making and to identify the next steps for us to take to prepare them for successful futures.

The ISASP assessment is the tool the state utilizes to calculate school proficiencies. These tests will be administered electronically to students in third through fifth grade. Through the ISASPs, students will be tested in math, reading, and language arts/writing. Students in fifth grade will also be tested in science. To help prepare students for these important assessments, staff members will be teaching them how to use the navigation tools and will guide students through the practice assessments. The practice assessments, and testing simulations, are available and accessible to all students and their families at I encourage all families to review the practice assessments for each content area and to spend time talking to their children about the importance of providing their best effort. Additionally, please keep in mind that it is extremely important for students to eat breakfast and to get a full night’s sleep in order to perform as well as possible on these assessments. The ISASP assessments will take place between April 26th and May 14th.

As mentioned, students in kindergarten through fifth grade will also be taking the Fastbridge Reading and Math Assessments. These assessments are administered three times a year (fall, winter, and spring) and enable us to see how students have grown in relation to foundational literacy and math skills. More information about these assessments will be included in the May newsletter. These assessments will start on May 3rd and run through May 28th.

In addition to testing, the building-wide reading challenge will finish on Monday, April 12. Please make sure your child has submitted their reading logs by this time. If you have any questions about the reading challenge or any other items in the newsletter, please let us know by contacting us at (712)274-4048.

Soar Eagles Soar,

Jarod Mozer