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Welcome to Morningside STEM Elementary School!

Message from the Principal

“Changing the future through creativity, independent thinking, and unlimited possibilities.”

As a STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) Specialty School, we utilize a consistent STEM-based approach to provide students with relevant hands-on learning opportunities to enable them to reach their maximum potential. To ensure this approach is embedded into our classrooms, we have constructed a STEM Blueprint for our building. This Blueprint outlines specific interdisciplinary units that take place at each grade level throughout the year. All units incorporated into the Blueprint are supported using standards from the Common Core and essential content areas (i.e. – literacy, math, science, and social studies). The Blueprint focuses heavily on utilizing the Engineering and Design Process to support student inquiry.

In addition to integrated STEM learning, our building is deeply focused on developing student literacy and math skills. Our staff uses Skills-Based Small Group Instruction to differentiate literacy depending on individual needs of students. This approach utilizes whole and small group instruction to develop the foundational skills of literacy in all students and provides them with the scaffolding and independent practice needed to be successful. Math instruction provided at Morningside STEM Elementary is formed using the Common Core Standards along with taking the shifts in mathematical thinking into account. Students are regularly asked to explain their thinking and defend their position using Number Sense routines and are regularly engaged in multiple mathematical domains through Board Math.

Morningside STEM Elementary is also a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) school. The PBIS framework is aimed at recognizing and reinforcing constructive student behavior to promote a positive culture throughout the building. By providing students with instruction and reinforcement of appropriate social and emotional skills, Morningside STEM Elementary makes an effort to continually educate the whole child to ensure success.

Although we are greatly focused on providing engaging learning experiences, we understand that it takes all of us working together to make certain students are succeeding at the highest levels possible. We understand the important impact that positive relationships with parents, guardians, and community members have on learning. Due to this fact, we will work to continually maintain open lines of communication throughout the year and look for opportunities to include all stakeholders in the learning taking place throughout the building. Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you for partnering with us for your child’s education.

Soar Eagles Soar!

We’re Ready to Welcome You!

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    • Kim Krotz
    • Assistant Principal
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    • Lori Evers
    • Registrar
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    • Anne O’Brien
    • Office Assistant
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