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A Message from Kim Krotz

Welcome to a new school year filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth! I am thrilled to begin my journey as the head principal at Morningside STEM Elementary and honored to be part of a community that embraces creativity, independent thinking, and unlimited potential.

At Morningside, we understand the importance of building connections, both within our school and with our Eagle families. Working together as a united team, we will support and uplift one another. As the principal, I want to extend a heartfelt Eagle welcome and express my gratitude to all.

In the upcoming academic year, our unwavering focus is to ensure that all students are deeply engaged in their learning through high-quality instruction and student-centered differentiation in reading, math, and STEM-based opportunities. Nurturing inner inventiveness and providing a sense of belonging to all our learners are top priorities at Morningside STEM Elementary. We believe that every student possesses unique strengths and talents waiting to be discovered. Our dedicated teachers are committed to encouraging independent thinking and providing opportunities for students to respectfully explore and share their ideas as creators and engineers.

Through our building-wide integration of restorative practices, we confidently take our next steps alongside your efforts at home to promote responsible decision-making and problem-solving skill development that our students will apply throughout their lives. Using our STAR process (Stop—Think—Act—Reflect), adults help model and guide our Eagles in developing their understanding and ability to prevent and repair harm while fostering a positive and caring community. We practice these values in Morning Meetings, greetings at the door, and throughout the learning day.

Morningside is excited to partner with you and make this a great year for all. Together, we will create intentional school and home environments that build connections through shared values and cultivate inner creativity. Through these caring efforts, our young Eagles will find numerous opportunities to SOAR and contribute meaningfully to their school, home, and the Eagle community.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education and helping us build a connected community where every Eagle may reach their full potential as they learn to be Safe, On task, Act responsibly, and Respectful Eagles, "SOARing with" one another.

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